Doug Becker

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Greenville, SC


It’s a real joy to be able to recommend David and Naomi Minnick. Naomi grew up at Mount Calvary, and David began attending during his freshman year of college.  So our church has known and observed both of them during the critical, formative years of their coming to understand God's will for their lives.  They both have been strongly inclined toward foreign missions for many years. But at the same time, they’ve been strongly committed to our local church and have served selflessly in many ministries.  Our people greatly appreciate David’s preaching and teaching.  Having grown up on the very field to which God has called them, and having worked for years in the Dean of Men’s department at Bob Jones University, David displays a wisdom and maturity beyond his age.   Naomi’s role as a wife and mother of young children is exemplary. Both are spiritually sensitive, conservative, dedicated believers.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to be associated with a couple whom we believe truly has God’s hand upon their lives.

Doug Becker

Missions Committee Chairman

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Greenville, SC

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Bruce McAllister

Bob Jones University

"David and Naomi Minnick are an exceptional ministry couple. The Lord has blessed them with background and experience in ministry of an unusual nature. The story of how God brought them together is remarkable. They already have extensive experience on the mission field individually. They have a rich heritage of hearing solid preaching and serving faithfully for years in cross cultural gospel ministry through their local church in Greenville. They both have advanced degrees including David’s Ph.D. In addition, David served effectively for seven years on BJU’s student life staff. I have had them both as students. It is a joy to whole-heartedly recommend them to you for your serious consideration of investing in their ministry in Australia." 

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"There is a great need for young men of the next generation to take the places of the older generation in the pulpits of fundamental, Bible-believing churches within Australia.  Few seem to hear God’s call or are willing to surrender to such a ministry. We praise God for His call to David and Naomi and pray that God will quickly cast them out into the harvest fields of Australia."

Wally and Becky Jaworski

Serving in Australia since 1975

Gospel Fellowship Association Missions


Mark Batory

Gospel Fellowship Association Missions

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Dear Prospective Supporters,

I am delighted to commend to your consideration GFA’s newly accepted full-time missionaries David and Naomi Minnick. Both come from a significant heritage of missions and ministry, which has contributed greatly to the qualifications they have for the future ministry to which God has called them. Their special experience and preparation have enhanced the sense of calling that God has given them, and they will now form a part of the next generation of Gospel ministers in Australia.

Since David grew up in Australia, God has already smoothed the visa pathway to make his access to this mission field work smoothly. In addition to his Australian citizenship, God has also provided David with a good understanding of Aussie culture and a burden for the needs of the lost who live there. David is well-trained biblically with a doctorate from Bob Jones University, and Naomi has completed an undergraduate degree in biblical counseling along with a master’s degree in elementary education.

Married for eight years, the Minnicks have three children. They will begin deputation in January. Please pray with us that God will bless their efforts and send them to the field quickly. I know they would love to welcome you as partners in their ministry.

Mark Batory

Executive Director

Gospel Fellowship Association Mission

Matzko Outline.png

George & Darlene Matzko

BJU Australia Team Leaders


"My wife and I have known David since he was a boy living with his parents in Cardwell,
Queensland, Australia. We’ve also known his wife Naomi since her college days as a member of
the BJU Australia Team.  David has grown up in a missionary home where this ministry was always held up to him by his parents as a high calling from God. David ably assisted his parents on the field in Australia until he left in 2005 to train at BJU. We always have known him to be serious about preparing himself in every way possible for future ministry back in Australia. He even volunteered to help the BJU Australia Team one summer when we were shorthanded.


Naomi Bixby Minnick’s time on the BJU Australia Team showed her to be a gifted missionary in her outlook on life and abilities, always looking for opportunities to serve others and meet the needs of those around her. 


We cannot think of a better prepared couple for future ministry in Australia, and we recommend them to potential supporting churches with full confidence in God’s hand on their lives."