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I was born and grew up in Australia, where my parents, Tracy and Debbi Minnick, have been serving Christ since 1985 under GFA Missions.  I grew up immersed in my parent's ministry.  When I was 5, my father led me to trust in Christ alone for deliverance from God’s wrath and my sin and depravity.  I was baptized several years later.  Around the age of 14, I began to experience a growing desire to enter the ministry.  1 Timothy 3:1 states that a man who desires to be a pastor desires a good thing.  God used my encounter with that verse to confirm that the desires I was experiencing were God-given.  


In order to prepare for ministry, I enrolled at Bob Jones University in 2005 and completed a B.A. and M.A., in Bible, and a PhD in Theological Studies in 2017. While in school, I joined Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC where my uncle, Dr. Mark Minnick, is the senior pastor.  More than any other experience, my time at Mount Calvary shaped my philosophy of ministry and my understanding of the role of a local church and its pastor.  I grew exponentially at church during those years.  I met and married my wife, Naomi, at church.  We enjoyed and benefitted from the extensive opportunities to minister through Mount Calvary.  


I was born in Toulouse, France to missionary parents, Stephen and Donna Bixby. Though the gospel was clearly taught and lived out in our home, and from a very early age the idea of accepting Christ as my Savior was a very desirable one, it was not until I was 11 years old that I began to truly sense a conviction of my sin and understand my personal need of a Savior. The Lord used various means including a week of camp, a sermon at church, and the hymn “Have You Any Room for Jesus?” to bring me to a point of decision. I was 12 years old when I finally surrendered all to Jesus and experienced my chains falling off and my heart being truly set free. I was baptized a few months later.


Throughout my high school and college years, God graciously provided many opportunities for camp counseling and mission trips both in the US and on foreign fields, including Ukraine, Siberia, Zambia, and Australia. It was while ministering in Australia that the Lord began to show me that He had a work for me among these people, but that I would have to be willing to completely surrender myself to His loving them through me rather than relying on my own upbringing and life-long desires. After receiving a B.A. in Women’s Ministries at Bob Jones University, I completed a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. Both of these


degrees (as well as my undergrad minor in Counseling) were chosen to increase my effectiveness in the ministry the Lord would lead me to long term. 


God has blessed us with four children.  Caleb is 8 years old and loves to learn and read.  Ethan is 6 and is always the

life of the party.  Eliana is 3 years old and, Titus arrived May 20, 2019.  

We are excited to serve Christ in Australia.  Immigration laws in Australia have made the entrance of foreign religious workers very difficult, but God has paved our way to enter the country without difficulty through David's Australian citizenship.  Our burden is to intentionally evangelize the lost, to plant healthy, reproducing churches, and to systematically disciple the saints.



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